June 26th, 2009


Michael Jackson, 1958-2009


He was such a mixed-up person...but his prodigious talent was undeniable. I hope he has finally found peace...

In his memory, one of my personal favourites:

I remember an old joke where a parent was trying to explain to the child about God. "God...is neither black, nor white, neither male nor female, neither good nor bad...." The child thought a little, and said, "Oh! God is Michael Jackson!"

Guided walk in Forest Park

Having walked all over Forest Park when I read in the local newspaper that there would be a guided walking tour in the Park, I could not miss the opportunity

Tuesday was the only day they had a walk in the evening...with the temperatures in the high 90's, there was no way I was going walking in Forest Park at 10 am or 1 pm!

I was at the Visitors' Center at five minutes to six, and met Harry Leip, a volunteer, whom you can see just outside the Center as we started our walk:

Frank Leip volunteer for Forest Park guided walk 230609

Yes, indeed he was Harry Leip:

frank leip badge

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Oh, well, it was the end of another day!

forest park sunset 230609