June 29th, 2009


I got all straight A's....

On LJ, as on other social networking/blogging sites, "friends" need not always be *friends*, I heard someone say. But for me, that doesn't work. Friends have to be friends. Most of my LJ friends are actually people whom I have met face-to-face, whether before or after they have become my friends on LJ. And many, whom I have not met, I email or call on a personal basis!

So today I would like to talk about some friends on LJ, who are A's.

One A, whose real name does not begin with A, but whom I have come to refer to by her LJ name. She delights me, because she lives so thoroughly in the moment, and absorbs and enjoys her surroundings through all her senses...and writes so well about the experience. She has a great sense of fantasy; sketches, paints, and photographs those fantasies, too! She's a real delight, and very rarely do I find negative posts on her blog.... thank you for being my friend, asakiyume.

One A, whom I befriended because I thought he was a birder, always writes very well; he is a very good wordsmith, and is always honest about himself and his experiences, at work or elsewhere. I enjoy his short poems a lot. It's been nice to get to know him personally, and his delightful wife, who is also an A. Thank you, birdonthewire.

One A, who is really an A, started commenting on my posts, and then I found that she posts a lot of stuff that I like very much, particularly when it comes to film music! She's a person who has braved adversity, and yet has not lost her sunny outlook on life! Thank you, inspirethoughts.

One A, who is an A both on LJ and in real life, is a very interesting and complex person. He does a lot of pro bono work in the fields (pun intended) that he is interested in, and is interested in a lot of varied things, too. He's helped me so much with a lot of software stuff, and often disagrees with me about a lot of things....and the debates are fun! Thank you, anushsh.

One A, who is also an A BOLJAIRL (Both On LJ And In Real Life), is someone I met on a wildlife trip, and with whom I share my love of wildlife, and whose photographic skills I really appreciate. I have watched him go through ups and downs, and grown into a confident person...he's always sent me great music, and his sense of humour is infectious. Thank you, amoghavarsha.

Wow, let me stop right here before the list grows any longer.

You know, I started this list with one A, and kept adding to it...because each of my friends on LJ is very special in unique ways....!