July 10th, 2009


Creve Coeur Lake, 080709

Last Sunday, DnA's running group went to Creve Coeur Lake...here's a view:

creve coeur lake 080709

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The image that stayed with me, though, was that of the serenity of this fisherman upon the lake:

fisherman on Creve Coeur Lake 050709

You can imagine how tough it was to keep one eye on GD, walk on, to keep her moving gently-- and yet keep that bird in the frame! I hope I am not the only babysitter-cum-birder-cum-photographer in the world!

Well, I am also probably the only babysitter-cum-blogger, because Biddles is my *second* laptop--having displaced the first-- right now, as I type this!

Some common insects..

A macro lens makes you look at the insect world...with fresh eyes. I may never take the kind of wonderful pictures that


takes with that macro lens and that keen eye...but here are my attempts!

I've already posted about the

bug season

...but I thought I'd capture the everyday bugs, too!

Let's start with this very tiny

(update: siniak_castle says it's a DRAIN FLY)

that A found on the washbasin of the women's room in the World Bird Sanctuary! It's actually the size of a pinhead...but just look at those feathery feelers, and those gauzy wings!

very tiny fly 050709 w b sanctuary

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There it was, glowing on the side of the road in

Lone Elk Park :

050709 red-spotted purple top view

Off to LA to attend a dance performance over the weekend..more about that anon...meanwhile...you lot enjoy YOUR weekend!