August 31st, 2009


Drongo Cuckoo? Or a Drongo?

For some birding friends of mine who, looking at a non-typical tail on a Black Drongo, id'ed it as a Drongo Cuckoo:

Sometimes drongos get a divided tail
Sometimes in this task they fail
If we birders get the id wrongo
It's *we* who're cuckoo, not the drongo!

Here's one pic I took of the BLACK DRONGO, a long time ago:

black drongo juv 091107

vaLai kAppu or vaLai Adal (putting on bangles for an expectant mother)

Approaching motherhood
Colours one's life, one's thoughts.
So it's fitting
That one's hands and wrists
Are filled with colour, too;
The rainbows that the little one will soon bring,
The good wishes that friends pour into one's life,
And the prayer that the baby will be healthy and happy.

vaLai kAppu 271207

The baby for whom this was done is now more than a year old! :) And she is a real delight.