September 2nd, 2009


Fallen Leaf Lake and the Glen Alpine Trail 200809

Having not had much success with hiking the previous day, we decided that we would make a more concerted effort to find a trail that would accomodate a perambulator (or a stroller, as it is called here.)

Now,KM is famous for getting names wrong, so we fell about laughing when he started calling it the Fig Leaf Lake. We corrected him and told him it was Fallen Leaf Lake. So....when his elder brother called up, he said, "We are at Fallen Fig Leaf Lake".....!

We went to

Fallen Leaf Lake , which is quite as stunning as the larger Lake Tahoe near it:

fallen leaf lake 200809

Collapse )

Well, it was a long day, but one spent outdoors, amidst great natural it was most enjoyable!

sun behind the pines eagle falls


It's hard enough to forgive others, but forgiving oneself is the hardest of all. I feel small, rotten, and utterly miserable. Can't yet forgive myself. Why did I do such an idiotic thing? I don't know. I spoilt my own peace of mind.