September 14th, 2009


Wonderful Sunday....

Went to see the

Art Fair at Clayton

and then went along with

Mark Glenshaw

to see the Great Horned Owls in Forest Park...will download the photos and videos and share it with my birding friends soooon....

Thought particularly of anushsh and Sharad Sridhar, with whom I went to see the Horned Owls of Turahalli, and spotted them just when Sharad had locked his keys into his car!

Great Design that's not immediately appealing...

Would you think something that looks like this would be useful for a small baby?

claw of snappi 120909

Here's the whole product:


But it IS most useful. We are using cloth diapers for GD, and here's how

the "Snappi"

keeps the nappy together:

snappi at work 120909

and of course, if the lingerie fits, it means a Biddles who upon her nappiness happiness:

looking at....120909

Sometimes, good design is counter-intuitive!