September 16th, 2009


Great Horned Owls at Forest Park

First: There's some problem and my photos taken on the 30D are not downloading, so these pics are from my trusty MLC2, and it was VERY low-light, forgive the grains in the pics...!

I found, on the net, that

Mark Glenshaw

Mark Glenshaw 130909 Forest Park

is a self-confessed GHOF (Great Horned Owl Follower)...and I emailed him, and on Sunday evening, we met up at Forest Park, and as the sun set, he took me across the park for what turned out to be a wonderful evening of sighting and observing the

GREAT HORNED OWL couple that he has been observing over the years.

Collapse )

I left the place with Mark, and left Forest Park to the care of the Great Horned Owl:

130909 Great Horned Owl FP