September 17th, 2009


Thank you anirudhc

It's so rewarding to visit friends on other blogs, from Ani's blog, I got this:

Reminds me of the work of

M.C.Escher really needs imagination and so much painstaking work to come up with each of those!

And a simple, clear illustration of how a sewing machine works, from


Friends are such interesting people...come to think of it...people are so interesting!


I just liked what I saw, so I photographed it...this was while waiting for mmk and Learning to come back from the Gateway Arch...

cobbles, drain nd flower arch 080909

I liked the lines of the cobbles, the shine of the puddle, the splash of colours that the flowers provide...deep inside the puddle, the windows of the building look at themselves up above...
That's a very old cobbled street, and the building reflected in the puddle is over a 100 years old.