October 26th, 2009


The Sirkeer Malkoha

Though the bird sightings on our Saturday trip were very sparse, I was thrilled to have a good sighting of the


sirkeer malkoha galibore 241009

I have seen this bird once before, at Turahalli, for a very brief few seconds; this time, it was right out in the open, and right next to the road! We all got out for a few shots, and I also took this video of the bird preening:

Immediately afterwards, we saw two BLUE-FACED MALKOHAS, but they vanished in the tangled shrubbery before we could even get a proper look! That's the way birding goes....

Butterflies Flutter By....

On both my visit to Bannerghatta, and to Turahalli, Galibore, and Ramnagara, I noticed a wide variety of butterflies flitting along in their various colours. Of course, the time of day (mid-morning) was not ideal to photograph them, as that is their nectar-gathering time and so they were most restless, and would hardly settle for more than a second or two anywhere.

So of course it was the butterflies' fault that I got mediocre pictures....having allocated the blame correctly, here they are:



blue pansy turahalli 241009

Collapse )

Let me end with this beautiful


blue-winged wasp 241009

This post is dedicated to


who is an authority on butterflies!


My NTP friends, Vikram Hiresavi, M V Shreeram, adarshraju ,Vineet, and Uma
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