November 12th, 2009


Wheat Grass

One of the things I have been introduced to lately, is

Wheat Grass

and wheat grass juice....

I am hoping that this has a very beneficial effect as an ill person has this every day with two spoons of


I have learnt how to grow this on the balcony; soak the wheat grains overnight, let them drain in a cloth until they sprout, and then scatter them in a pot which has mud and fertilizer....

Here, you can see the various stages of its growth:

wheat grass sullivan 121109

The wiki says spinach is just as good, but the green of that grass is definitely soothing to the eye as well!

My father and progress in the seventies...

My father...I've never written about him, for some reason. Like all caring and resposible amazing guy. Born to easy affluence as the son of someone who was the Financial Advisor to the Government of India, and who earned an OBE, or Order of the British Empire, he really enjoyed a princely lifestyle, shuttling between Delhi and Shimla,going to the best schools..and he decided to study Electrical Engineering at the

Benaras Hindu University

(Just take a look at that link to see the eminent Vice-Chancellors they had!)

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I just went through some old newspapers yesterday, and found a very telling illustration of the troubles he must have faced....

Here's a cutting from the Amrita Bazar Patrika of April 21,1976:

no computers! 170476 statesman

From another cutting, I learnt that a computer to help with billing and systems had been earlier installed in 1969, and then *removed* because of pressure from the staff and the United Front Government...this cutting asks the then Chief Minister of West Bengal, Siddhartha Shankar Ray, to "take steps to prevent the installation of a computer" as it would take away jobs, and since the "existing tabulators and calculators are under-utilized", it is "not understood why a high-powered computer should be brought in".

There is also a request "not to allow a new power project by securing external assistance."

Oh, the progressive outlook of our politicians...and what an ironic situation in a country that would become the spearhead of the software revolution!

Appa...I love you and appreciate you more as I grow older...