December 10th, 2009


Creatures at Bheemannakuppe Kere

Yes, I am getting to the birds, but yesterday's tooth extraction was particulary bad. My wisdom tooth had an extra root, which apparently curved deep into the took 45 minutes to extract it, and yesterday evening was one of the most ghastly I have spent so far....

But today I am feeling better, and let me first share the insects and other Life-Under-Foot photographs...

The trip to Bheemannakuppe was a learning process about


I had made

this post

which included a photo of the


That had been infesting a tree in my daughter's garden,

but in Bheemannakuppe,

Sangeetha Kadur

showed us a couple of more varieties....

bagworm case 051209 b'kuppe

Look athe beauty of the wildflower on which the case rests!

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mating dragonflies on grass 051209

Well, we did see lots more, but that's all the Life-Under-Foot that I caught on camera! :)

Birds over the last weekend....,and one very unusual sighting

Since I was able to go birding to Bheemannakuppe kere on Saturday, and to the Ragihalli sheet rock/pond area on Sunday, I'd better combine the two for my field report...

My trip to Bheemannakuppe kerE (kerE means, lake or pond in Kannada) on Saturday was with Abhisheka Gopal, Anjali Anantharam, S R Gopalan, Girish Mayachari, Harsha Joshi, Sangeetha Kadur, and Suma.... and the group on Sunday, to Ragihalli, consisted of a member of the Madras Naturalists' Society, Padmanabhan, and his friends Sandhya, visiting from New York, and Kavita and Rajesh from Bangalore. The last three were coming out birding for the very first time!

One raptor that we saw on both days was the


oriental honey buzzard 061209

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I leave you with this colourful scene of the


at Ragihalli kere, adding its dash of blue to the greenery, and the white and pink of the lantanas and waterlilies:

kingfisher colourscape 061209