December 12th, 2009


Dental/Mental Torcher

I walk with dragging feet (and my infected molars and gums) into the large hall where several chairs are placed, and approach the nearest white coat diffidently, with my dental records card. I am hoping that this person will say, "No, we can't see you now," and I can go home in peace.

No such luck. I am in the unfortunate position of the patient in the hospital, who was asked by his doctor, "You want the good news first or the bad news?" When he said he wanted the good news, the doctor beamed, "Well, we are naming the disease after you."

"Oh yes, Mrs M," beams the dentist, showing a perfect set of pearly teeth that surely no other dentist has laid hands on. "We've been expecting you. The students are waiting."

No, thankfully, the students are not here to take turns at trying their budding skills on my molars.

They are here because I am a referral patient; that is, my case is interesting enough to be made a case study of. This means (on the good side) that my treatment cost is incredibly low.

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When the root-canal botching happened the first time, a few years ago, I gave myself the Blogger username of molarbear...the molar making me as angry as a bear....alas, that name is still apt!

Just Happy...

I think I am the happiest and probably the luckiest person in the world. I have general good health (forget the occasional blips...everyone has them), great family, wonderful friends, the ability to be comfortable with who I am, and what I can achieve, the ability to learn (albeit, very slowly), I like people and am perennially interested in them....all this is incredibly good fortune...yes, I do have a fortune in my mind and heart...and it may long after Thanksgiving, but I do give thanks.

On the Chennai Photowalk, I found this beggar, whose crutches need crutches...

beggar on crutches

Now, would I call him lucky or not? Believe me, he was grinning at all the photographers, who all pressed money upon him... perhaps this appearance is his stock-in-trade, to help get photographers get their "artistic" and "ethnic" this-is-India shots!

Off to the Zoo area to have a nice little ramble....