January 25th, 2010


Death of a Butterfly

In Thattekkad, I was walking along (trailing well behind the others as usual)...when I saw this butterfly (Karthik tells me it is a LARGE YEOMAN) flitting past, and then ...a dramatic sudden death befell it.

The butterfly just flew into a web that I could not see, except for this single strand;it fluttered helplessly for a few seconds...and though I could not see that any spider had approached it or bitten it...it just went still, and hung there, suspended by that single strand.

death of a butterfly 090110

I can't understand how the butterfly died without the spider biting it...can someone inform me about this?

On a philosophical note...I do hope this is the way I die...quick...without illness, without more than the least amount of suffering possible...

Turahalli, 240110

I just could not resist the chance to go birding to Turahalli with Garima on Sunday...and was so caught up with shopping and packing that I actually forgot to take either the 20D or MLC2! It was a change to go up the slopes just swinging my binocs in a carefree way, and asking anushsh to take this and that shot :) I might do this outsourcing of photography in the future too :)

So... all photographs by anushsh....I've just cropped and zoomed a little....

The sun was peeping out behind the new constructions as we reached Turahalli hillock:

turahalli sunrise 240110

Collapse )

This lovely shot of the BARONET was very pleasing!

baronet 240110 turahalli

and I asked Anush to capture these "marks upon the barks" of the eucalyptus trees:

mark on bark 240110

A beautiful morning, which set me up for the long journey to St.Louis that I am setting off on today...see all of you in a couple of days' time, when I have slept off the jet lag and been reunited with my darling GD!