February 4th, 2010


Two days in Kolkata...

On the way to Assam and Arunachal, and on the way back, Geetanjali and I spent a day (well, most of it) in my beloved hometown....

Can you see the icon of this city, the Victoria Memorial, in the mist...I clicked as we sped past..

victoris memorial 271209

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Here's my closing image of three Bengalis at their roadside "adda", passing the day in time-honoured fashion...it could be cards, carroms, or heated debate!

adda cards kol 271209

Just look at the poster behind them, of a jewellery-adorned Bengali woman, holding a lotus...it's (of course) an ad for a jewellery shop! asakiyume gave me the wonderful notion that the lady seems to be the fourth player in that game of cards!