February 5th, 2010


The Crested Serpent Eagle

On the trip to K.Gudi (Kyatharayanagudi, if you want to know) property of JLR, for the NTP 2010 meet, one raptor we all saw frequently was the


We saw the birds in sunshine:

crested serpent eagle 130110

In shadow... (just look at that "don't tangle with me!" look!)

crested serpent eagle 140110

and we saw them in the rain...sitting out, patiently, a heavy downpour that lasted all through our first safari....


and...I actually saw the Crested Serpent Eagle with a serpent...

crested ...serpent...eagle 130110

Here is something that is, truly, the Eagle Eye!

eye of the crested serpent eagle 140110

For more photographs/posts on this bird (don't expect any Nat Geo stuff)...

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