March 3rd, 2010


No photos...

Since yesterday, none of the photographs I've uploaded to my Photobucket account have shown up there...don't know what's wrong, and don't know how to rectify it, either!

KTB is now holding on to things and standing up, and if those things are not steady, well, she's a Fallen Woman! So...things are pretty hectic throughout the day.

I wanted to post both photos and videos of the beautiful Downy Woodpeckers, the Juncos and the Song Sparrows that I saw yesterday in Forest Park ( froze my fingers and ears practically off in the process, even though the temperature had come up to a balmy 5 deg C...walking briskly in the cold is one thing, standing still, watching the birds, is quite another!)...but will have to wait until I can upload the photos...the Picasa uploading seems to work fine..but no results!

I'm feeling far more at peace with the friendship-that's-ended since *I* made up my mind to mentally end my own feelings of affection, and give up on trying to talk to the person concerned, after several attempts. I think, when I find someone "moving on" in future, I'll try and do a bit of moving on time, perhaps I won't make so many attempts.