March 9th, 2010


Great Horned Owls, Again, Forest Park

Having gone on the

St.Louis Audubon Society's Monthly Bird Walk in Forest Park

I decided that the evening weather was also too good to waste and at 4pm, I called up

Mark Glenshaw

and off I went to see the Great Horned Owls, who had become partners and also parents while I had been away.

Behind the World's Fair Pavilion, Mark pointed out Charles sitting high up in a conifer...

great horned owl directly up 060310

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Thrilled by the prospect of seeing the entire owl family soon, I came home wtih my family...and meanwhile, agreed to go with another friend, Umesh, when he went to Queeny Park on Sunday coming up as soon as I get id's for all the (common) birds I saw there, in just half-an-hour of birding!

Half an Hour's Birding in Queeny Park

queeny park signbd 070310

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I looked at my watch..and WHAM, where had 35 minutes gone?? Umesh had finished his run, so off *I* ran, too, to go home with him...

Here's how the Park looks at this season; not a blade of green grass, not a green leaf in sight...

corporate trail queeny park 070310

But in all that grassland live so many birds!

If anyone can help me with these bird ids.....please do

Young Couple...Walking along the Path of Dreams

DnA Creve Coeur Lake 080310

They walk together, the young couple..
With their baby...their love.
They've taken a little time in their busy lives
For togetherness, to be with nature.
They walk along, towards their future;
Filled with dreams, and hopes...and perhaps some anxieties.
Responsible, mature young adults,
With their way to make in the world.
I love all of them, and so I lag behind;
I do not want to intrude in these moments;
Much as they make me welcome,
This is their world...and not totally mine.
But...any one of them has only to crook a finger...
And I'll come running, halfway across the world.
Love is a strange presence in one's heart;
It takes one out of oneself,
And makes one live, quite happily, for others, sometimes.