March 16th, 2010


The Blue Jay

Today was a bad day for Julius Caesar (though my blog will show 16th March ...India's only the ides of March here still)...but it was a nice day for me!

I was told that I might see Barred Owls in the area of Forest Park where there are a stand of conifers on that's where I went today...of course, no sign of the owls, but since I do love the


I took some photos of them....I am glad I saw several of them, as I was told that a mosquito-borne infection had almost wiped them out some time ago.

Here's a male , near the tree-trunk:

blue jay 150310

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One Blue Jay was eating his lunch a little later:

jay with food 150310

I'm very happy with the common birds..they're quite colourful enough for me!

Some of the other things I saw on my walk, up next...

I looked as I walked....

And as I looked, I found some of the signs of Spring..most notably, on a crack of the pavement (sorry, sidewalk!), I found this dandelion blooming:

dandelion 150310

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And as I walked home I saw a spider, well, that's actually a he is, quite literally hanging out, from one of the apartments at Delmar!

150310 spidey on delmar

A walk is such fun, and one sees such random stuff :)

Meeting Mark, and a pro wildlife photographer....

I suddenly had time free on Sunday, and since I'd got an email from Mark that he was meeting a wildlife photographer,

Jason G. Harrison

off I went to meet both of them.

Mark spent a while with printed photographs and points from a Powerpoint presentation to give Jason a short history of his interest in the

Great Horned Owls

.... we then moved to the area near the Muny to try and sight some Barred Owls. Result? Barred Owls 0, Wood Ducks, several...and one Cooper's Hawk that flew by into a distant tree as Mark was talking.

Here are Mark and Jason:

Jason G Harrison and Mark Glenshaw fp 140310

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You don't believe that it was raining? Here!

rain on windshield 140310


Sometimes, life brings on a whole lot of complications all at once. One minute, you're coasting along in relative ease, and peace...and within a few minutes, you get some news that has you worried, concerned how to cope with it...and sometimes the various ...difficulties, for want of a better word...seem to be a knotted ball of twine, where you don't know which thread to start unpicking only know that this unpicking is going to be a long-drawn-out process, and it might not unpick the knotted ball at all...

Suddenly, all clarity of vision seems to desert you as first one problem, and then the other, struggles to the forefront of your mind. As you try and sort one out, you feel that the others need attention causes a welter of confused thoughts in your head, and you start feeling like that hamster on the wheel.

You look back to the calm of the previous day, or the previous hour, and wonder why you thought you had worries then! And you look at the other people around you, feeling envious that they don't seem to be affected like this...but the fact is that they may not be affected like this right now, but that they, too, would have undergone similar periods.

You just have to remind yourself that you *have* passed through other similar worrying periods, and they do ease off...even though it doesn't look likely at the moment!...then back you go to worrying, worrying....your mind touching on each worry like a tongue to a sore spot in the mouth that stings, yet the tongue must explore it now and then....

How true it is that "the mind is a monkey" and control over it is truly the greatest, hardest conquest of all.

This is just me musing...right now, I am in a peaceful phase!