March 21st, 2010


A concert coming up...

I've been asked to give a concert for 1.5 hours next Saturday, at Memphis, Tennessee, at the temple as . I'm thrilled, and have accepted; and have sent my photograph, and a short writeup to them, too.

But now I'm really worried. I haven't sung for SO long...when am I supposed to practice? It will have to be only tomorrow...and on weekdays, after I give KTB back to her parents...but by that time, I'm usually tired out, and ready to eat and go to sleep....

Maybe I should just cancel...? No, that's NOT a good thing to do...oh well, let me see how much I can practice...but singing full-throatedly in a house where the baby is asleep, and concentrating on the music, is as impossible as practising in a house where the baby is awake and crawling all over the house!

Oh, by the newest name for Biddly is...the Crawliflower!

The caught kite

The tree branches looked up at the colourful kite, and since it was winter, and the world was white, black and grey, they wanted some colour for themselves...and they caught it and kept it!

kite cc lake 200310

It reminded me of

Charlie Brown

and his running battle with the

kite-eating tree

I was debating whether to go for a walk, or to practise...and meanwhile I got an SOS call from now I am looking after the Crawliflower (I also call her my grand-totter!) while DnA catch up on zzzz's!