March 24th, 2010


It's common knowledge...

This is to illustrate the good old saying....

mummy nose best 180210

....that Mother nose best!

Until Picasa (or, rather, Google) rectifies its email-the-photographs facility (it's not been working since the 13th of March), all my files, uploaded to my Photobucket site the old-fashioned way, will be of this laaarge size...sorry!

I really cannot understand if Google is not able to rectify this feature with all those lick-smart people they have working for them...or they plan to permanently disable this feature...I cannot believe that something can stay "out of order" for ten days.

The world on a truck...

We went for a short walk and found this truck, with so many things on its hood and its roof:

animals on truck 220310

It reminded me of our

Kolu festival

The owner of the truck has an everyday festival as he drives around!

Animals, birds, men and women, stones and toys...all together on that engine cover...D assured me that they were well and truly stuck on! What a lovely, unusual vehicle to have!

Do the toys come alive at night, I wonder...what happens if they find themselves so differently sized? If a giant Tinker Bell towers over a tiny African elephant, will she still feel scared?

If I had a truck like this, it would be a daily inspiration for me to weave stories for KTB...