April 4th, 2010


The Bubble

We forget that life's a bubble.....

bubble in the loop 101009

And it's brought home to us every now and then, in sharp reminders, too sharp to bear sometimes.

But then, to those who say, "Live each day as if it was your last," I reply, No, we cannot do that. We *have* to think that we have a future, and plan for it. Life would be impossible to live if I were to think of death constantly, or think that this was my last day on earth. But yes...I need to remember the beautiful, evanescent bubble now and then....what lies beyond it, I do not know, so I will enjoy life to the fullest, while not letting thoughts of death overpower me.

The April Audubon/Forest Park Forever Bird Walk, 030410

The day started with rain, it was sunshine when we met and started the walk, it turned cloudy and cold enough that I counted my fingers when I got back from the bird walk, got sunny and pleasant again as I walked down the Loop to the Farmers' Market and came back....wow, talk about changeable weather! But I was on my feet non-stop for 5 hours, and I really enjoyed the morning.

I was happy to see several people from last month's bird walk, and I introduced my friend Dawn to several people. Alas, Dawn had to leave early (there will be no foul jokes about dawn always coming and going early) and so the rest of us walked down, towards the Deer Park area this time.



treated us to a beautiful concert:

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Let me close with another shot of the wonderful plumage of the Starling:

starling face on 030410

I'll be posting about the various buds and "fruits" that are out on the trees now, such a feast for the birds....