April 5th, 2010


Sssssuddenly, a Sssssnake in the Ssssstreet

We were driving back home, and had turned into our street when D braked suddenly, saying, "Oh, I hope I didn't run over it!" ...when he backed up, we found that he hadn't.

snake enright 040410

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I've been googling for snakes of Missouri, but I can't seem to get a perfect match for these markings. Now I'm sorry I didn't pick up the brochure on the snakes that I saw yesterday in the Visitors' Center at Forest Park! :)
I've asked the experts, let's see what they say.

Update:Danny Brown says it's a


Thanks Danny!

A story through licence plates...

Once upon a time, a young man had the good

luk no plate 101009


coddle no plate 101009

a young woman who was a

hot grl fp 060310

she was also a dentist, so when he had a toothache, she asked him to

opnwde no plate 030410

and she removed the

pnut no plate 030410

lodged in his teeth.

He loved her even more after that and called her

ms fixit no plate 101009

And...of course, they lived happily ever after...until I photograph some more number platss!

This post is dedicated to beast_666 :)