May 18th, 2010


The Bird and The Flower...

Just uploading my photographs from San Diego...and I loved this photograph of a gull looking thoughtfully at a flower at La Jolla Cove...

gull and flower la Jolla 090510

It's been a busy week without a lull...
But the sight of this gull
Looking at the flower
Has the power
To get a smile out of me...when I'm feeling dull!

I've heard of the birds, the bees and the flowers, but this is the first time I saw two of the component parts.

The Harbour Seals, the Brown Pelicans, and the Double-crested Cormorants of La Jolla Cove were just amazing...and after the rains, the trail was a riot of wildflowers, too.

I'm hoping that by tomorrow I can make my post about that short but wonderful walk down the trail...

La Jolla Cove,San Diego, 090510

After going to Mt.Solidad on Saturday, and to the Coronado Beach on Sunday, V took us to La Jolla while V, N, and A went home...and we were just amazed by La Jolla.

Several factors came together to make the very short visit a very memorable one, too. San Diego has been having a lot of rain, and this meant that the wildflowers were out in a riot of colours; apparently, the La Jolla trails are not so vividly colourful.

It was just on sunset, and the light was really wonderful, too....and the last thing was that neither DnA nor I had any idea that we would see any wildlife!

la jolla cove 090510

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Now this, at last, is the photo that I promised mamtanaidu. Just look how artistic that bird poop guano looks against the rocks! I never knew that poop could be aesthetically appealing! (No, there was no smell, either, for some reason, probably the sea breeze.)

gull and bird poop la jolla 090510

La Jolla...V,thank you for a magical, if too-short, visit to this wonderful Pacific sea-cove!