May 31st, 2010


Shakespeare in the Park

Every year, one of Shakespeare's plays is staged in Forest Park, and indeed, a special area called "The Glen" is now set aside for this purpose. Last year it was "Merry Wives of Windsor" which I don't really care for very I just went along, had a look at the excellent stage sets and costumes and came home.

But this's one of my favourites.


Shakespeare Festival

kicked off a few days ago, and if you click on the link, you can understand what a great production it is. We were told that 500 volunteers worked very hard to make it happen!

Also, the production is free for the viewing public throughout its run, and it's the sponsors and donations from the viewing public that help to "Keep Will Free" the volunteers chanted last year as they moved amongst the audience with their baskets, "Give of your free will to keep Will free."! St.Louis is fantastic in this respect...all the museums (except selected exhibits), the Zoo, some performances of the St.Louis Philharmonic, part of the seating at the Muny....all are free. This is just incredible!

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As we walked back to the History Museum over the slopes of Art Hill, this "sandalwood moon" added to the beauty of the night:

sandal moon 290510

"Sandalwood" is my nickname for

Chandan I was thinking of him!

How lucky I am, to be able to witness a fantastic production in such a beautiful setting as Forest Park!

On my jokes page today...

MACinTrash Jokes :)

How do you make a Web page compatible for Mac users?
Use a third-grade vocabulary and no words with more than two syllables.

How do you fix a broken Mac?
Buy a Windows-based computer.

What do a Mac and a bowling ball have in common?
They have about the same weight, and the same compatibility with real operating systems and real software.

Farmer Brown goes to the orchard and picks 50 apples. How can he tell which one is bad?
It's the Macintosh!

Can you run Windows on a Mac?
No, to do that you need a computer.

Why did the angry Mac user cross the road?
There was a Dell store on the other side.

What's the difference between a Christmas ornament and a Mac?
About ten pounds.

How many Mac users does it take to change a light bulb?
Only one, if he can get to a library and google "change light bulb" on the Windows machine there.

Apple claims that even a total idiot can operate a Mac. Is this true?
Certainly! Who else would want to?

What's the best feature of OSX?
Auto-shutdown. The best part is, you don't do anything. It just shuts off.

If PCs are so great, why are there still Macs?
If health is so great, why is there still AIDS?

Why do Macs come in so many cool colors?
So people will use them for decoration instead of for computing.

What does the Bible have to say about computers?
The story of Adam and Eve points out that life is a paradise until you touch an Apple.

If you want to remove a cd from a Mac for safekeeping, what do you do?
Drag it to the trashcan and drop it there, as if you were deleting it.