June 3rd, 2010


Two Raptors at Shaw Nature Reserve

On Saturday, it was D's birthday, and we decided to go to Shaw Nature Reserve (imagine, DnA haven't been there in 10 years of living here!)...and though it was a short visit, it was wonderful. As we drove in, I got this beautiful


out of the car window:

turkey vulture 310510

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I am really pleased with my MLC2 (the Canon SX10) for getting such a nice "parting shot":

shaw memorial reserve 310510

Other birds (just imagine the beauty of baby Bluebirds until I post the pic!) , and the beauty of the Shaw Nature Reserve, coming up! I've got Biddly duty again until I leave...so I don't know where I'm going t find the time to do all my packing...

Delightful Denizens of Shaw Nature Reserve.....

In the very short time I had at the Reserve (I hardly walked about half a mile from Bascom House!), I snapped these....

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Baby Bluebirds have got to the most delightful subjects to photograph...they look as if they stepped out straight from a sentimental greeting card!

baby eastern bluebird 310510

Didn't spend enough time to see any mammals, apart from the usual squirrels!