June 8th, 2010


Mona wants to meet me....

I got this just now in my inbox:

I am very happy to meet you,
How is everything, hope all is well with you. My name
is Mona, I found your contact after I picked
interest to contact you. I've something very important which I would
love to share with you privately, therefore,would advise you to kindly
write me back on my private email address
so that I'll give you details.
Waiting anxiously for your anticipated

......now how am I supposed to give her my anticipated corporation? If any of YOU are interested in Mona, I'm sure she'd share something important with you, privately, too....you don't have to pick interest like she did!

Living things in Shaw Nature Reserve.....

Though we didn't, obviously, spot any earth-shakingly rare species at the Shaw Nature Reserve, what we saw kept us happy and going for a long time! Let me start with this image of the delightful


sitting so companionably and greeting-cardly together!

eastern bluebirds 050610

A lifer for me was the


indigo bunting 050610 shaw

Here it is, singing:

Collapse )

so here's a closing shot of the most delightful baby rabbit!

baby cottontail

hamsafar (fellow travellers)


Sometimes, the people with whom one shares one's path
Are very congenial company....
They have a goodness that's easy to see.
We meet, we spend time together, and part;
But the memory of the pleasant occasions remain
To sweeten other moments, perhaps to ease some pain--
When old scenes are brought back to the mind and heart.

I've always been lucky, and I hope that I continue to be so...in always finding great people to be with.

Here's another view of the three of us:


You can say I'm itching to leave, because I got an incredible number of

chigger bites

at the Shaw Nature Reserve...but the good part is that if my fellow-travellers on the aircraft see me scratching away, I might have a nice row of three seats all to myself....!