June 11th, 2010


Monsoon Showers... and other things in the air.

It's raining quite heavily as I sit, sleepless, typing....and the memories of the journey home unspools through my mind.... Bangalore's summer monsoon has begun, and it's

lovely balmy weather

here right now!

I seem to have picked up (very unusually!) a bad sore throat and cough on the flight....but nuff said about that....the aerial photography is whatI want to write about!

Here's one of the complicated interchanges on the Atlanta highway that I got:

Atlanta interchange 080610

Collapse )

I got these beautiful cotton-candy clouds as the sunrise began....

sunrise clouids 090610

High above the earth, one does feel one is able to rise above the petty concerns of humanity....until one tries to make oneself comfortable in those

dreadful aircraft seats

and realizes that small concerns don't go away at 30,000 feet above sea level!