June 14th, 2010


Not great...

While coming birding at Valley School with the BULBS, called KM to check how his GI infection was....and it was worse than I had thought....by the evening, he hadn't had enough fluids and was severely dehydrated, and he is now in the hospital, at the receiving end of a upturned bottle-and-tube....it's been a nasty two days (I am home to pack some dinner and some other stuff for him)...my own sore throat and chest congestion are not making things any easier.

There seems to be an ongoing racket between the insurance company and the hospital, conspiring to keep him (needlessly) in the hospital till tomorrow....I am off now to see what I can do about this....if he is well, and I want to bring him home, and the insurance company has not authorized our claim reimbursement, we have to pay our bill by cash.....or stay on another night and pay the extra day's hospital charges....what a choice!

Since aforementioned KM is now lying at ease watching Seinfeld on his laptop, I feel I should bring him back home tonight....let's see what happens when the senior doctor (the one who owns the nursing home!) comes for rounds at 7.30pm.....

Insurance and hospitalization conspire to add to the mental burder of getting an ill person treated.

I haven't slept properly since I landed ...but I am so glad that if KM had to fall ill, it was when I was here.