June 16th, 2010


Valley School, Sunday, 130610

It was an amazingly warm welcome I got from Madhavi and Garima as we set off with some other male co-opted members of BULBs (BULBs being, Bangalore Urban Lady Birders!)..at my request, we went to Valley School. In terms of birding, it can't have been anything much; we even failed to sight the Scops Owl that ought to have been the highlight of the outing...but....it was so, so, so satisfying to be traipsing the paths of the wooded areas, walk over the stream, listening to the old familiar birdsong....it was peace for the mind and balm for the soul....!

The usual lacy mauve flowers greeted us everywhere:

usual violet flower 130610 vs

The weather was cloudy and overcast, and photography was certainly not the first priority for any of us.

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Have, frankly, wasted the day that should have been spent doing a lot of pending jobs...spent most of it in the hospital for tests for KM, and then...back home and utterly zonked out for 3 hours, at which point working hours were over, and the jobs have been postponed to tomorrow.

Tiredness saps not just the body, but the mind and heart as well. To tired eyes, the world looks a more difficult place, life becomes a tough ordeal to get through, and laughter and joy seem far, far away.

The intellect just refuses to work, as does the everyday brain. On Friday, I put a car key away somewhere, and it was KM who found it for me today...I was just NOT able to look properly in the time that I was at home.

Yesterday I got to sleep late, woke up at 2 am, and couldn't sleep at all after that...so today didn't go too well. Sitting in hospital waiting rooms is very inimical to feeling rested!

One always has a tendency to think that one's stamina and physical ability is greater than what it actually is, that jet lag will not affect one....and sure enough, the body says, "I am a human body after all."

I'm hoping to be over the hump by tomorrow, and back to my normal chirpy, laugh-at-everything self. Right now the only thing I can laugh at is how my tasks seem to loom overwhelmingly over my head....! I know that the monsters will shrink down to manageable size tomorrow, if I get a good rest.

Good night, all!