June 20th, 2010


The incredible upside down building on the Bangalore-Chennai highway

Yesterday, while driving down, I saw a building where the windows seemed upside down...so my attention was caught, and as the car neared it, I realized that it was not just the windows, but the *whole building* that was upside down.

Don't believe it? Neither could I. But here's the proof, my MLC cannot lie:

upside down bldg vellore 190610

Now..I am burning to know what this is, and how it can have happened. You can see that the gates near the building are up quite normally, and that the cupola which was supposed to surmount the centre of the building remains within its framework, and has not been set on the building.

It is difficult, first of all, to imagine a WHOLE building falling down in its entirety. And even more difficult to visualize how the building could have fallen *upside down* like that.

But you can see the terrace wall at the bottom, and the broken masonry of the base of the building...at the top.

If you look closely, you will see the damage to the front pillars, and a crack extending down the front of the building, too.

It was only I who saw it in detail; KM was driving, and we were alone in the car.

But I showed a) chaibacca, b) shortindiangirl, and c)itsalouwelylife the photograph.

a's view is that this is a deliberate, attention-seeking construction. I can't agree with this, because if you look closely, there is no frontal access into the building as the doorways are high up behind the pillars and the upside down Greek pediment.

b (who is an architect) says it must be a film set and not a real building.

KM and c have not expressed an opinion.

This was on the Bangalore-Chennai highway, a little beyond Vellore.

I googled for "upside-down building on Bangalore-Chennai highway" but found no results

Does anyone have any knowledge of this, especially those living in Chennai? I am agog to find out what, and why, and how.....