June 21st, 2010


Architecture, old and new....

Disclaimer: All photos taken from a fast-moving car, so blur and shake are part of the deal!

Driving down the highway from Bangalore to Chennai gives a great opportunity to see a lot of different kinds of architecture....some very, very old, as in the ruined fort at Vellore:

vellore fort 190610

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The architecture of the

Rajiv Gandhi memorial

is also interesting,

and the Tiranga (tricolour) stands sentinel to this

fallen leader of India

cut down in his prime by a suicide bomber....

sriperumpudur rajiv gandhi flag

What diet does a road follow?

Though we have so many traffic accidents, Anna Salai is committed to vegetarianism:

pure veg anna salai 190610

Why don't we ever have anything that's not "pure" vegeterian? What IS "pure" vegetarian, especially when most of the places that put up these boards definitely consume milk and milk products, which make them non-vegan, at the very least?

I like to say, since I try out all sorts of food without a hang-up about it, but have never liked any non-vegetarian food enough to convert to non-vegetariasm..... that I am an "impure" vegetarian.


That subject title is, "I Hate Heat And Humidity". Why on earth would anyone voluntarily live in a place where one feels hot, sticky and uncomfortable all the time?

....where one cannot take public transport or even a lift for fear of severe assault of body odour from one's fellow passengers?

....where one's clothes would stick to the neighbour, and pick up all manner of dirt....where one's hair falls on one's damp forehead, or on the nape of one's neck, in a twist of a greasy curl, with a droplet of sweat dancing delicately at its tip>

..where one's scalp feels sandy and icky and stinks unless one washes it every day, and even then?

.....where one's makeup comes off in oily streaks, and one's nose shines like the lighthouse on the Marina?

....where one cannot be well-dressed, because cottons wilt and hang in sodden folds, and silks and heavier materials tend to stick in awful discomfort to one's body, and have to be peeled off?

....where walking makes one feel as if one is moving through molasses, and half an hour of walking is enough to dissolve one into an enervated puddle of perspiration?

....where drinking "cooldrings" to assuage the assault of heat and humidity means adding more adipose tissue on one's body, leading to more sweat?

...where the ceiling fan, and the continuance of electric power, are the only things uppermost on one's mind through the day?

.... where the coolness and comfort that the air-conditioner brings only contrasts further the oily heat outside... and thought of any outdoor activity is as repugnant as working in a furnace?

Did you get a slight hint of the fact that I might not be too enamoured of heat and humidity? If so, my prose has been successful.


Tripping over with happiness....

Just got the news...

Sangeetha Kadur

had earlier won a prize, and won a trip to

Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (or KMTR for short)

and this trip is now about to happen!

I am totally thrilled. Some years ago, when I first went to the

Bandipur property of Jungle Lodges and Resorts

with sainath,

and seen the wonderful murals executed on the walls of the cottages by three artists....Sangeetha Kadur, Sunita Dhairyam, and Shakti Prasad,

I promptly made Sai photograph them (I carried no camera in those days!) and wrote about it, in

the Deccan Herald


my blog


on Metblogs

Since then, I have followed Sangeetha's work, and have always felt that she's got outstanding talent...and have found her (and her mother) to be very friendly people, too!

So when I find that her talent is being recognized, and is taking her (literally) places....it makes me VERY happy...great going, Suvi, and may more laurels come your way...I hope to be able to say, proudly, "I knew Sangeetha Kadur even in *those* old days!"

Suvi, may the next prize take you to...Yosemite...or the Masai Mara...