June 26th, 2010


Chennai to Bangalore 250610

It was another enjoyable drive, with KM hogging the driving for the most part as usual. He is very creative about why I shouldn't drive..."You had a headache in the morning." "You may get a headache after driving." "The traffic is dense, so I'll drive." "The traffic is very light now so I can get the pleasure of driving." "The car is behaving well, so I'll enjoy driving." "The car is misbehaving, so I'd better drive."... and so it goes...I got to drive only for an hour, and the rest of the time, had to sit by:

km driving 250610

But of course, on this trip, we all knew who was in the driver's seat!

km and biddly 250610

Collapse )

Sunset brought us to Hosur, and so back home:

sunset 250610

I also solved the mystery of the

upside-down building

...but that's the next post.

My KTB is home and the next 2 weeks are going to be devoted to her....while her mother takes an accelerated certification course, I can spoil her silly!

The mystery ..solved...and made uninteresting!

The drive back from Chennai solved the mystery of the

Upside-down building ...

turns out it is a deliberate fabrication, after all...

edu theme park 250610

Huh, an "educational and cultural theme park" that creates ruined buildings...that isn't half as interesting as a building that's actually fallen upside down...but how nice for an architect to be paid to create a pre-ruined building!


Came home to broken pipes in the kitchen (no water, but no flood, either, thankfully!), no maid, a house that's been solidly neglected for about a year...and the baby unerringly finds the dirt!

So I'm taking a break from cooking and cleaning to post some recent advances...

Soon, KTB will cease to be a crawliflower, and become a biped....

She's growing up...up...up...and before we know it, she'll be off!