July 6th, 2010


Very hectic...very chaotic

When there is a baby in the house, and the parents are having a "working holiday"...in India, at least, life is very chaotic, because one is juggling callers, domestic help, and the baby's routine, and outings and visits that have to be made in the very limited time that is available to the parents.

Everyone has things to do and different frames of time...to keep all the skeins from getting tangled is quite difficult. At least I am able to make sure that everyone eats lunch together (in fact today three people even ate breakfast together) and that's a major acheivement!

And I must have time to enjoy KTB's antics, here she is with a little spin top that spun around her....

Collapse )

Oooh...my delighty Biddles....a few more days to go....