July 27th, 2010


Kabini...the mammals:

The mammals....my goodness, what a great variety of mammals we saw, given the fact that we went one day and came back the next!

One of the most beautiful sightings was that of the


muntjac (barking deer)

Collapse )

The moral of this photo? If you want to maintain that figure...be a vegetarian!

210710 elephant figure

...and emphatically, do NOT keep off th grass...or mud!


House Sparrow behaviour....


used to be common birds in most Indian cities. But in Bangalore at least, there was a serious decline, and it is a joy to see them back in certain areas of the city, and its outskirts.

I posted this picture of a beautiful male:

sub adult male house sparrow 200710

And in Kabini, I was able to take a video of two things they love to do...one, have a good water bath:

and the second, having a mud (or in this case, a grass!) bath:

Sparrows are such perky, lively creatures...it's a real joy to have them around!