July 29th, 2010


Kabini....insects, plants and others

Though I know hardly anything about butterflies, some did catch my eye and lens this time....a lifer for me was the


salmon arab 200710

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However, my closing image is of some strange, cobra-shaped formations at the base of this tree that we saw on safari:

the snake tree 200710

I now call it the "nAga marA" :) Could someone id it for me please?

The importance of choosing a name....

A rose by any other name will smell as sweet, wrote the Bard (or words to that effect, before some literal-minded reader corrects it!)...but no, I think it's very important to choose names properly...

Just now, on a mailing list I belong to, someone wrote, very excitedly:

" XYZ just got its page up on Facebook !!!! YAHOO!!!!!"

Wonder what the owners of FB would have to say about that...and wonder if the other IT company ever realized that theirs would be a name taken during moments of glee!