July 30th, 2010


A morning in Bannerghatta, on the Kaggalipura Road

Last Saturday, none of the BULBs (or anyone else) was free, so Sangeetha and I decided to go to Bannerghatta.... this part of it:

bg forest signbd 230710

Here's my guide and her trusty steed:

sk and scooter 230710

We bumped over the bumpy bits, rode over the smooth, and we just went 5 km from the Bannerghatta Circle (where the Police Station is)... and got such a wide variety of things to see and enjoy!

We started off with these mating


tortoiseshell beetles mating 230710

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Let me close with the image of this


(thanks for the correct id, Rajneesh)

(its secretions can make your skin feel as if it's on fire, and raise a blister, so my macro work was very careful!)

fire beetle 230710

Just a short morning's trip, but so packed with interesting things, that it felt very satisfactory, indeed! Thank you, Sangeetha, for introducing this part of the Bannerghatta Forest to me!

The Nokia trip to the Shivanahalli Ramakrishna Ashram, 240710

Just when I had decided to take Sunday very easy (always a fatal thing to do!) Chandu called me up with a too-good-to-be-true plan... two busloads of volunteers from Nokia were going to the Ramakrishna Ashram at Shivanahalli, to do some tree-planting (well, sapling planting!) there. And before that, Chinmayi, one of Chandu's friends, wanted a group of volunteers to introduce the group to birdwatching.

Imagine, me talking to people who actually believe I knew something more than they did! The temptation to perpetrate this fraud was too strong, and I agreed.

Here we are:

krupakar chinmayi prasad swamiji shreeram abhilash 240710

Krupakar, Chinmayi, Prasad, who is very active in supporting the Ashram activities, Swamiji, Shreeram, and Abhilash, a youngster I found very keen on both birding and astronomy:

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No flower is quite as beautiful as the white lotus...so totally pure in the midst of stagnant water:

lotus full bloom 240710

I must thank Chandu, Chinmayi, and Nokia for a most enjoyable and adventurous morning!