August 10th, 2010


Ancient Light Photowalk, Malleswaram, Bangalore 010810: Part 1: KAdu MallEswarA Temple


the article

that I wrote for Citizen Matters, about the photowalk. That gives the background to how and why I organized the walk. But obviously, the article could not use many photographs...or my thoughts about the walk....

Most of the heritage walks that I've been on, in this city of mine, are photowalks, as there are several people who like to document the sights. I certainly enjoyed documenting the walks at

K R Market

Avenue Road


and so on and on....but here I'm not restricted, so....

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Here are some of us, walking to the NandeeswarA TeerthA, which I will devote the next post to:


Ancient Light Photowalk,Malleswaram, 010810: Part 2: Nandeeswara Teerttha

For the Nandeeswara Temple, that was excavated in the early '90's, and which I personally believe to be part of the Kaadu Malleswara complex, let me begin with the brass lamp that the priests use to show Arathi for the ShivalingA:

nt aarathi

...that's ancient light, too; snEha deepam...or an oil lamp.

This temple is actually a kalyANi or sacred wellspring, shaped into a water tank.

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Let me close with this image of the VinAyakA shrine at Malleswaram market...

vinAyakA flower mkt 010810

A very enjoyable photowalk, that combined religion, heritage, history, people, and photography... thanks to Chandrachoodan and Ancient Light!

The Chloropsis....

The Chloropsis..the first time I heard this word
I thought, "A bird word that sounds absurd!"
But the name's because its body is a lovely, leafy green.
Because of this, the Chloropsis is not easily seen.

LEAF bird 070810

In the middle of all the leaves, can you see the bird?
And if you can, don't you agree, that "camouflage" is the word?

golden-fronted leafbird

More info on the Blue-winged Leafbird


gf leafbird 080810