August 17th, 2010


vaLLam kaLi (58th Snake Boat Race), Alappuzha (Alleppey), Kerala, 140810

KM had been wanting to see the "Vallam Kali" (Boat Play...the Alleppey, or Alappuzha, Boat Race) in Kerala, for many years, and made all the bookings before springing a surprise on me that I was glad to go along with!

We took the overnight train to Alappuzha, and in the town, everywhere, were the arches announcing the race:

boat race arch sign 120810

There are many boat races in Kerala, but I think this seems to be the most "famous" one (and definitely trying to be announced as a national event!)'s a photo I like from the day of the race...

ladies' boat prow 140810

....because it is the beautifully decorated part of one of the women's boats!

Collapse )

My closing image is of the decoration on the prow of this boat.... and as for the number, it is the number of the race "track"...but the intention for every boat participating was the be Number One!

boat stern decoration 140810