August 18th, 2010


Birds, Butterflies and others, Alappuzha, Kerala

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When I went to Alappuzha, I certainly didn't imagine that I would be seeing birds or butterflies...but the lovely Kayaloram resort gave me just such an opportunity!

Someone had actually decided to make a "Butterfly Corner" on the campus, and put up photos of the butterflies that could be seen there. However, the receptionist (Mary) told me, "This was done some time's all dried up now, Madam, you can't see any butterflies."

Thankfully, her information was completely inaccurate....with the possible exception of a few of the butterflies listed, (Eg. the COMMANDER and the PEACOCK PANSY) I saw EVERY butterfly, even the beautiful


which is the largest butterfly in India! Here's a quick shot I got of it, fluttering past:

southern birdwing kayaloram 150810<

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Of course, this


which always seems to glow from within, makes a lovely closing shot, of the various living things that I was privileged to see in Alappuzha!

water lily 120810