August 19th, 2010


Signs on the water....

As usual, some signs struck my eye in Kerala, too, and I snapped quick shots as I passed....

You might have heard of ships which are called Minesweepers, which are instrumental in finding mines in the sea....but I loved the idea of having a Mindsweeper:

mind sweeper 120810

Would this ship locate all negative ideas in the minds of those passing by?

Also, if you want a "waterline" rather than an airline, you could use this one:

cathey pacific 120810

remember, though, that "they" of Cathey might charge you well!

But if you want to have no troubles at all, while on your travels, then call this number:


Nature..and Mythology

Indian mythology is replete with the most interesting tales...interesting, that is, in terms of the behaviour of the humans, gods and demons that are the characters in the tales. And a conversation today, with Karthik gave me two parallels between Nature and mythology!

Collapse )

Nature, and mythology...sometimes the parallels are funny...and life sometimes beats fiction in strangeness!

This post is dedicated to Karthik, too...thank you for the knowledge that you always share!