August 31st, 2010


Offer removed....

In response to our protests against

the promotional offer

by Club Mahindra homestay at Castle Bera, Mahindras and Castle Bera have removed the offer from their website.

We, too, had confused the feedback we had got on a blog, from a resort called "Leopard's Lair" (also in Bera, Rajasthan), and we must accept that Castle Bera does not (to use a terrible pun) resort to leaving of bait for leopards, to provide thrills to the tourists.

However, our point still stands...a promotional offer like this usually results in other resorts trying to match it, and then indulging in such practices to ensure big cat sightings.

So we do have to remain alert. I am now trying to get the details of "Leopard's Lair" to write to them about their bad practices.

Sometimes, the name makes total sense...

One of the common dragonflies around this area is called the Granite Ghost.

When I saw it first, it was flying around, and Uma told me the name. Within a few minutes, it landed on the granite rocks, and I understood its name...

granite ghost 220810 ramnagara

How's that for camouflage? That's how these insects can, I suppose, sit out in the open and not become prey to passing predators....

Here's a close-up, showing where it is:

closeup granite ghost ramnagara 220810

The way the dragonfly just seems to melt into the rock is fascinating...!