September 6th, 2010



I went (at a very odd hour) to drop KM at the airport, and decided to catch up on some sleep when I got back.

I woke up just a little later...and a wave of utter panic washed over me when I suddenly had the feeling that I had got up late and so he'd missed the flight.

What is it in our minds that tiggers panic? Why do our minds and bodies react to situations that are only in our minds, unreal?

From the first agglomeration of atoms into molecules to the structure of organic compounds, to the ever-more complicated structures of cells which have that miracle...the spark of life.... to the incredible, uncountable billions of complexity that make up living creatures...where, and how, do such things as thoughts and fears and happiness and sorrow begin?

The mystery of life...remains unsolved, from the vast reaches of space to the tiniest amoeba that moves and divides itself to multiply. The difference between a living cell and a dead very small, yet so incredibly vast at the same time....this, this is the ultimate mystery of chemistry.


are some thoughts about thoughts...


Prisha made my birding outing even more joyous than usual.

On the flower-strewn path, she was both a delicate flower and a confidently striding national bird....

peacock on th epath 040910

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And here's my favourite picture of the day; she seems to be asking Chandu, "Can you teach me more about nature and birding?"

teach me birding 040910 vs

R and G, take a bow for the way you've brought up your daughter!