September 29th, 2010


Sarjapura, 260910

Friends had invited us to their farmhouse, and it was a very pleasant afternoon, with all of us singing old Tamizh and Hindi songs, with the occasional Carnatic krithi thrown in. Of course, I wanted to visit the little water body nearby, and see if I could spot some birds...and as I was thinking about it, I saw a Red-necked Falcon fly overhead.

This settled the matter! I asked my hostess for the key to her gate (which faces the water body) but even while she was getting it, I saw these


resting in the water:

stilts in water 260910

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Pretty happy with my tiny slice of bird-watching, I was content to go back Om:

om 260910

What someone wrote to my daughter....

She's running the half-marathon this coming weekend...and quite often, she suffers from feelings of inadequacy (completely discounting the fact that she has a full-time, demanding career, and child of a year-and-a-five-months) she loved getting this email from someone:

"Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate everything you do in the name of running. Whether its out of love for the sport or the love of positively challenging your body's limits or both, your writing about and attitude to running are inspiring.

So is your support of the lesser experienced runners, helping them find their feet and pacing them through their initial runs. Personally, those two initial runs you ran with me in creve coeur lake and forest park were strongly positive experiences which helped me find the strength to complete longer runs on my own (ex: when I was late). In just over two months I went from running 2 to 12 miles, which is huge. Just in case you are worried about setting that personal record, know that your running is doing a lot more..."

While I do think that my approach to life (do what I can comfortably do, don't stress myself reaching out for more challenges)suits me fine and keeps me happy; while I sometimes wish that she would accept a slower pace of life and be more happy; while it grieves me when I see her struggling to achieve everything and feeling down..... I respect her being different from me in this respect, and feel happy when she feels appreciated!

Language Elitism...or Snobbery.....

On a mailing list that I belong to, I received an article about "techno-literacy"...

here is the link to the article

I found it a very interesting article, but my post is not about the contents.

As I read the article, something else started bugging me...the fact that there seems to be, in India, such a language elitism. Most of the urban population speak English, but a cleverer and cleverer command of the language (I use the word "clever" deliberately) seems to be a kind of status symbol of intellectual ability.

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I don't know if I've expressed myself clearly... what I am trying to convey... is that language should be a vehicle to express the thoughts of a writer, and not become a way of expressing intellectual arrogance. I want "good" English, I don't want "clever" English.