October 4th, 2010


Personal best

My baby ran her 3rd half-marathon....and her timing was 2 hr 3 min 58 sec. This is her personal best....

I'm proud of her for running it, never mind the time! She might have bettered her time, but she took the time and the effort to help others to run; the person who ran with her hadn't run at all, two months ago. And he turned in 2 hrs 8 min (approx.)!

THAT's what I am most proud of....

Bannerghatta Zoo area, 031010

I was very happy to have my friends Abhijit, Ammu and Hassath over from Delhi. AMS has been an unfailing source of help with my faltering steps in birdwatching, and has never once laughed at the mistakes I keep making!

So off we went (with AMS' friend Vinay, Rohit, and Krupakar at almost the last minute!)...so of course, the sun was still playing hide and seek with the cloud and the trees. However, the drizzle that we started with, did stop, and the sun came shining through the foliage:

sunlight bg 031010

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