October 8th, 2010


Chik Yelchetti, Bandipur, and a mini NTP Life-Under-Foot Ramble

As part of World Wildlife Week, Junglescapes organized a meeting with the DCF, Mr Narayanaswamy, on the 6th of October, and early in the morning, a few volunteers from both GE (who is strongly supporting the work in Bandipur) and Junglescapes left for a visit to the villages of Chik Yelchetti and Lokkere.

Here's the Junglescapes sign:

junglescapes sign

And here's the serenity of the temple bells at the small shrine in the Madheshwara Home Stay:

madheswara home stay 061010

Collapse )

To underline the fact that one can get colour anywhere, and that it's worth taking the camera everywhere...here's a view of the toilet at Madheswara Home Stay!

homestay colours 061010

For more pics,

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