October 22nd, 2010


Kabini...some of the birds

We sighted an impressive 108 species of birds in the 2 days at Kabini....let me start with a visitor to our shores, which does an amazing feat of travelling, the


barn swlw clsup 191010

There will be more of this bird later in the post, which contains

LOTS of birds, see at leisure only....

Collapse )

How I wish I could have photographed all the other birds (total of 108 species!) that we saw....but at least, though the light was fading, I got an SMS of the fastest bird in the world, the majestic


shaheen falcon 191010

You can see the bird list


What a wonderful and productive trip! Next up, butterflies, mammals, and others....and I'll do a people post after that...by the time I finish all these, I'm sure to have gone on the next birding trip, too!