October 29th, 2010


One known, two unknown...

Last Sunday,Krupakar, and his wife Pooh (Poonam), Vittal and I all went for a short, gentle trip to Bannerghatta Zoo Area.

We saw this


common gul http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cepora_nerissal? 241010

and that is the "known";

what is unknown is...

what are these


doing? "Mating" would be an easy answer, but it doesn't seem as simple as that....

(Sorry, the pic is out of focus!)

cotton stnr bgs mating? 241010 bg

Insect yoga?

And then I saw, on a small leaf, this conglomeration of caterpillars:

caterplrs 241010

I do not know what cats they are, why they've all huddled together like that...can anyone throw some light on this please?

It reminded me of

this post

by Anush; he was given the info that it helps the caterpillars to survive.

Vijaya dashami and worship

I'd posted this pic of a cycle, all decorated and worshipped on Ayudha Puja (Navami, ninth day of Navarathri) day, and taken out and used proudly on Vijaya Dashami (tenth and final day):

cyclist 181010

asakiyume loved it, so I decided that I'd also post the pictures of other forms of transport....

Here's a motorbike:

mtrbke wrship 181010

Even earthmovers and excavators are not excluded:

erthmvr worship 181010

And buses, of course!

bus decoration 181010

The Shatabdi Express (Mysore to Bangalore) was chugging past as we watched; it was too far away to see if it was decorated, too! But I love the shot, so I've included it.

shatabdi exp 181010