December 8th, 2010



Tamizh Brahmins, or Tambrams, are very fond of diamonds, and women are usually aglitter with them during any festivities.

I loved the sight of this beauty, with her diamond earrings and diamond nose-studs....


The traditional diamond earring is called a "thOdu"; it has a central stone with six other stones set around it.

Under the thOdu, this young woman is wearing an umbrella-shaped gold ornament called the "jimikki", or "kuNdalam".

The nose-stud is called a "bEsari". This one, because it has 4 stones underneath, is called "nAlu kal bEsari."

Isn't the Diamond Beauty stunning?

Ragihalli, 081210

This morning, Shreeram and I went with John Callaghan, who's visiting from Milton Keynes, UK, to Ragihalli. Unfortunately, we had a very late start and that meant that sightings were quite low....but we still managed quite an interesting time!



opened the proceedings, on the barbed wire:

pied bushchat 081210 rghli

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I showed John this home (the name was "English County") and remarked that for everyone, not just an Englishman, his home is his castle!

castle jigni rd 081210

It was very nice to be able to get John's impressions of our city and country (he says Mumbai traffic is far worse than Bangalore's!) and we wish him and his wife a safe journey home tomorrow.