December 21st, 2010


Had a few Christmassy minutes to waste....

On the twelfth day of Christmas, deponti sent to me...
Twelve raviks drumming
Eleven asakiyumes piping
Ten sunsons a-leaping
Nine dammitimmads dancing
Eight haricools a-milking
Seven brainzs a-quizzing
Six srinirams a-writing
Five skthe-e-e-ewimps
Four languages
Three books
Two cryptic crosswords
...and an art in a poetry.
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Thank you, pondhopper!

A verse that just occurred to me...Negotiation

I'm having a conversation with shortindiangirl about how to negotiate (for anything...a new job, rental, buying something) and I burst into rhyme:

When you are willing and able
To walk away from the table--
You are in a very strong postion
In any negotiation!

Negotiating is a complex dance
Where you give each other enough of a chance
To call it all off, or meet the other halfway...
And to leave goodwill intact...whatever you say.

Good negotiation
Requires skill...and imagination.