December 25th, 2010


Makalidurga, 241210

Chandu, having been looking at the lovely village of Makalidurg (mAkaLidurgA) from the train on his way to and from Hyderabad, decided that it would be a likely spot for Nature/birding trip, and Anil, Prashant, Vittal and I (all from the NTP group) enthusiastically joined him, and off we went, early on a very misty, chilly morning!

One of the loveliest sights, which Chandu told me to capture, was of the Lantana flowers,everywhere, drenched in the morning mist:

dew lntna 241210

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I'll end this post with another image of that winged jewel:

carpenter bee wings 241210

Makalidurga...the places and people

The trip to Makalidurga was also full of interesting sights that had more to do with people and places....

We started by trying to have early-morning chai/coffee to ward off the chill, at a Darshini.Alas, nothing was ready, and we finally moved to a little tea-shop nearby. I was very tickled to see that a delivery of vessels had been made for the Darshini...

vessels drshni 241210

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And a profession which is not very much in evidence in Bangalore caught my eye, when I saw these knife vendors having lunch, with their array of knives and a pedal knife-sharpener in front of them:

knife sharpener 241210

With so much to look at, I wouldn't really mind if there were no birds!

For more photographs,

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A wonderful day...Thank you, Chandu, for the great idea!

A friend, face to face....

prashanthchengi had started commenting on my blog a while ago, and we've got along like the proverbial house on fire, so I was thrilled when he said he was going to be in Bangalore for a couple of days. Yesterday evening, he came over, and we talked and talked and talked and talked some more.

I took him for a baitu at Park View, we walked around the Mini Forest, and then he came over home and we...talked some more!

He's an interesting and versatile person, and we disagree as much as we agree. We went to the Crosswords Bookstore (he loves to browse!) and luckily, it turned out that he had not yet read "Life of Pi".

Here's the young man in question:

pc 241210

There was none of the awkwardness I expected at meeting someone for the first time...he was exactly as I expected, and I wonder whether that holds true for him, too :)

Bangalore is his home, but he's been living in Pune for a few years now. Nice to have an LJ friend come face to face!